What sweater tips do you like

I have “read” 2 tips to use when making sweaters, and I think I am gonna try them on my third sweater…I wondered if anyone has used them and consider them worthwhile… the first is slipping the first stitch (supposed to make seaming easier)… do you seam one stitch in or do you seam the slipped stitch?
The other thing is the short row thing instead of binding off stitches.
They say that gives things a “neater look” because you can do the 3 needle bind off at the shoulder… is that true? Can you use the short row option in all cases? even if you want to add a collar?.. thanks in advance for your expert advice!

Oh… forgot to say, I am attempting a cardigan with seed stitch collar!

Slipping the first stitch can be good when it’s on the open edge, but I’ve heard it’s not so good for a seamed edge. It’s to make an edge look better, and a seamed edge won’t show anyway. Many people don’t care for it then, or when you pick up stitches because it can distort the ones next to it.

Short rows for a 3 needle BO on shoulders is a good idea though.

i’ve heard about short rows recently but have no idea what they are and what they are used for, anyone got time to explain it??

I only use the slipped stitch thing for scarves. However, when I am binding off a sequence of stitches…such as at a neckline edge or armhole edge…rather than knit first stitch, I slip it, knit the second, and then pull the slipped stitch over the 2nd knit stitch, thereby concluding the bind off of one. The rest of the prescribed bind offs for that particular row are knit and bound off as normal.

I got this tip from Elsebeth Lavold, the Viking Knits designer.
She said that by slipping the first stitch of the bind off row…you get a smoother edge along the neckline (or armhole) edge. It’s true.

For me, I knit the first and last stitch of every row whenever possible…creating a garter column at each edge…for easier mattress seaming later on. They call this an ‘edge stitch’. These 2 photos are part of a Central Park Hoodie KAL (with photo tutorials) that I am hosting here at KH.

Yes, and you can perform a short row treatment with a 3-needle bind off for shoulders. It is very smooth. Especially if you feel unsure about mattress seaming “tiered” or “stair stepped” shoulder edges together. However, by slipping the first stitch of each bind off series (as I stated above)…your shoulder edges are not as radically tiered, and much easier to mattress seam!


Thank you Artlady! I always have sort of a hard time with the mattress stitch, not really a hard time, but not as easy to see the stitch on the one side… but doing it your way I think that problem would be solved. Why didn’t I figure that out???

It’s not recommended that you do slip st sel sts for seaming as it can make for a weak, gappy seam. Slipped sts are best for edges that are seen such as on scarves or afghans.

When I want a professional looking sloped shoulder I opt for short rows and 3-ndl BO. Easy and you don’t have to deal with trying to sew the shoulder seam and no funky stepped edges.


[COLOR=Blue]I’m with you, Cam! [/COLOR]

I keep forgetting :doh: to do the short row/3-needle bindoff thing…but I am going to make a concerted effort to REMEMBER!

You’re right, it is easy! And I [I]finally[/I] have short row concepts cemented in my head.


Once you’ve done the SR/3-NDL combo you never look back. LOL!

I suppose there are instances where doing the slip st of each BO (which improves the look of the slope) might make sense but then you’re still stuck sewing the shoulder which, IMO, never looks as good at the 3-ndl. But then I tend to do garments with fairly basic st patts (very conducive to 3-ndl) and perhaps other seaming/sewing techniques are applicable when doing more intricate st patts.


Thanks to all the experienced knitters!! what a wealth of knowledge this site has!!! I LOVEEEE it! Now, another tip I read somewhere that I am using is to start the sweater by knitting both sleeves at the same time…(if you get the right gage, you can just continue) that way you get them to look exactly the same and you don’t procrastinate at the end… why does that happen? I do the front and back , then procrastinate on the sleeves?

Any other tips?