What stitches doesn't make the ends of a scarf roll up?

I know the seed stitch doesn’t but I already used it for something else and I’m hoping there’s something more attractive. Thanks.

rib wouldn’t, although not sure that’s the look you’re after for a scarf, maybe you could try a simple lace or even just a garter stitch for a couple of rows
probly no help but experimentation is best!!!

Moss stitch would work and is quite decorative.

Pretty much any stitch pattern that combines knits and purls will lay pretty flat.

Thanks I didnt know ribbing would be fine. How do you do a simple lace?


ooohhhh. I like the American style. Thanks alot. Do you know of any others geniouses? ha ha. :slight_smile:

The woven stitch used in the skinny scarf lays flat. I often times use this stitch to knit a scarf - if i’m not striping I’ll knit it width wise instead of length wise as the pattern calls for.


Any st patt that alternates k/p…over a relatively short distance… will usually lie flat because the opposing tension of the k’s and p’s keeps it from curling.


Thanks so much !!! :slight_smile:

Try, for the first and last rows, doing K1, P1, which would be like ribbing if you continued it on following rows. But if you just do it on the first and last rows, it’s almost unnoticeable. And it keeps the ends from curling. :slight_smile:

Or just knit all the way for garter stitch. That doesn’t curl either…

Thanks so much you guys! :slight_smile: :heart: :grphug: :knitting: