What stitch??

Hi, this is my first post so be gentle with me. Been a knitter for over 50 years and love it. Im looking to see if anyone knows what stitch is used in this pattern. I’ve emailed the company to buy the pattern but it is only sold in a kit which at £120 is a bit steep for me.
Thanks for any suggestions .

My guess is perhaps tuck stitches, or knitting into the row below with the cream yarn every couple of stitches. I agree £120 for the kit seems steep, though their yarn looks lovely.

Thanks for the reply, I will experiment with it and see if I can replicate. Yes their yarn does look lovely but pricey! :rofl:

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We’re gentle with everyone here. This is such a well managed site, helpful, supportive and encouraging. I arrived looking for an answer to one question about 2 years ago and never left.

I don’t know what a tuck stitch is - I hope it’s right for you.
I thought it was possibly a slip stitch making the larger cream stitch which skips a colour row. Or wrapping it twice to give it extra yarn and then unwrapping at the slip to keep it as a single stitch.

Good luck with your swatches.


You could be right about the slip stitches. I had a scarf pattern called Super Bowl scarf, or hatch scarf - I don’t remember - but the idea was similar in appearance. With the scarf, the slip stitches were a contrast colour, in continuous vertical lines, rather than across the rows, but give the same effect.