What stitch should I use?

I am knitting a baby blanket in St st and knitting monograms of the baby’s birthdate and initials in the corners using the purl st- so they would “pop”. I am not liking the way it is looking so far- It is sort of puckering where the purl sts are and the edges where it goes from St to purl sts pop, but the rest of the monograms are indented almost. Does anyone have any ideas as to what st would be better for this?

Thanks in advance!

You could just do main project in all stockinette and, using a contrasting color, do the lettering in duplicate stitch. :shrug:

Thanks for the idea, but I really wanted the monograms to be in the same baby blue color. I want it to have a sort of antique look. I want the sts that form the monograms to pop on top of the background, but all in the blue color.

Don’t know what type of letters you’re doing, or how large, but here are examples of dishcloths using alphabet where you can see how rev st st shows against st st (note sz of sq).


I did baby afghan with separate letters for each sq and they showed quite well but the sz of yours may be too small to be discernible. I’d agree on doing dup st on st st field. Perhaps in slightly toned or variegated yarn (darker blue of your field). You could then do picot edge or border (in rev sc) in that same yarn to tie it tog.

Just a thought…


[B]Thank You for the chart with the Numbers & Letters![/B]

The initials are 21 sts and 19 rows, while the date of birth is 26 sts and 15 rows. With my gauge, the initials measures 3.8" x 2.5" and the dob measures 4.7" x 2". really like the way the alphabet and numbers came out with those dishcloths- I actually came across that in my search for monogram letters (wound up using Monotype Corsiva type found in MS Word). I will give it a try. Thanks for your help!

Here are what the monograms look like. I knit another test swatch, and I realized that the letters and numbers are not made up of enough sts to stand out, that is why there was puckering. I will have to go back and try to make them bolder/thicker.

I really like the monograms as they are- is there any way that I can keep them as they are and have them be raised above the rast of the blanket- while keeping the same color? I am thinking that purl bumps are my only option, but I really don’t want to make the letters thicker, I am trying to keep the monograms on the small side. Any ideas? much appeciated!

How about making a knot/small bobble where you have each purl st? crowded together in the initials, they might stand out more.

That is an interesting idea. I will have to try that out. Thanks!