What stitch is this?

I saw this yarn sample in a store, knit up into a tiny sweater front. I’d love to try doing a sweater or dress with that sleeve for my old doll or bear.

BUT - I have no idea how they got that open raglan line. It looks so sweet. I could see that there were no seams, so it’s obviously knit all in once piece. I couldn’t find anyone there who could tell me anything about it. Does anyone know how this would’ve been done?


Very sweet little sweater. It looks like a top down raglan with the increases at the sleeves done as yarn overs on either side of a central stitch.

It looks like eyelets to me. Check this link and scroll down.

Thank you! Now that I know what I’m looking for - although I have no idea how to do a “top down” sweater or a raglan sleeve, lol - I can look for a pattern, and see what I can do with it.

I know - I need knitting lessons - but I haven’t found any where I think I “fit in”. :??

Wow, GG, that’s a great page! Downloaded that one :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting it!


Here’s the Princess Grace baby sweater which uses top down construction and yarn over increases every other row for the raglan increases. It may be too large for your doll and it’s knit at a very small gauge but it’s an adorable sweater.