What stitch is that?

Hi everyone,

Do you have any idea what this stitch could be? (except for the jersey at the top of the bag, of course :wink:

I love this bag and I would like to knit it, without pattern. :??
I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the result.

Thanks a lot!

it looks like it is a k1 p1 rib with every other row wrapped knit stitches?

it also looks to be one row k1 wrap p1, then next row knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches, then offset by doing a p1 first then k1 wrap p1

I am going to try to replicate that stitch in a swatch and see if that works, to be continued…

nope, that’s not it, but it does make cute little bobbles

ok, I did this:
row 1 K1 P1 rib
row 2 P1 K1 rib (purl the purl sts and knit the knit sts)
row 3 P1 K1 rib
row 4 K1 P1 rib (knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts)

this is a simplified basket weave stitch pattern and I noticed that the purl stitch from the row below makes the next up knit stitch look like it is wrapped, when it is simply a purl stitch.

So basically this is seed stitch done with bulky yarn and large needles.

Thanks a lot Paulaque!

I’lll try that, with big needles I guess!

I will also try the “previous” test you did: k1 wrap p1
I’m curious about that cute bobbles

What do you mean by “wrap”?

The only wrapping of stitches I’m familiar with is for short rows. Maybe it’s a stitch slipped on the RS wyif?

It looks to me that it’s knitted with 2 strands of yarn
What do you think?

You’re right!! You got the eye for it!!:woohoo:
I just did a gauge and It’s pretty the same at the picture
I’ll now try with 2 strands of yarn

Thanks again! ( and I’m still curious about the “wrap” stitch.

I just tried it and I get the same results as Paulaque. I did more rows of k1p1 and used it double stranded because the picture looked like it was on those “wrapped look” stitches which are really the last purl. You may want to do less rows so experiment.

Sample made with Plymouth Encore double stranded with size US 10 needles.

Thanks a lot Jan!

So, if I understand correctly, you did:
row 1 K1 P1
row 2 K1 P1
row 3 P1 K1 (purl the purl sts and knit the knit sts)
row 4 P1 K1
row 5 K1 P1 (knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts)
row 6 K1 P1

Sorry if I don’t get it…I’m still pretty new to knitting :shrug:

with the wrap what I did was the wrap for the short row but I continued to work across. Like this:
P1, k1 wrap entire stitch, p1, k1 wrap entire stitch, etc.

I will attempt to make a video of what I did and put it on youtube so you can see what I mean.

You are not actually doing short rows though, right? I did try a variation of this, but I wasn’t sure it looked right. Would love to see how you’re doing it and what it looks like.

Yes, that is what I did, Deb. It’s like ribbing, but then you make them offset.

as soon as I figure out how to set up this video camera to shoot my hands, I will show you, but no don’t work them like short rows, just keep on knitting

no go with the video, but I am going to try to explain it the best I can, purl first st, knit next st; bring yarn to front and down; slip knit st back to left needle; take yarn to back between the needles; slip knit st purlwise back to right needle; bring yarn back to front and purl next st. repeat

I think I get it now. Thanks!