What stitch (if you know) was used for this Dishcloth pattern?

Me again,

Since knitting dishcloths on my vacation, I’m looking for new one’s to try.

Can someone help me figure this one out?

Click: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77251479/dish-cloths-kitchen-wash-cloths-clean?ref=sr_gallery_7&ga_search_type=all&ga_includes[0]=tags&ga_search_query=dish_cloth&ga_facet=

I hope enough of the design helps.

Thanks for reading,
Ann in NH

Heh, well the description says crochet, but it looks knit to me, although with twisted sts. Looks like brioche or fisherman’s rib.

It definitely says “crochet”, and from the look of it, I’m guessing “crochet rib”, look that up, there are some videos out there

Some sites will call something crochet when it’s very obviously knit, and vice versa. Though this could well be a crochet rib, it looks a lot like a brioche/fisherman’s rib.

Looks knit to me, but I’m not sure it’s just one stitch. :shrug:

Looks like a crocheted pattern using *sc, ch1, sc in next lp, ch1. I’ve made many just like it; very pretty in cotton ombres, or in stripes.

To me it looks like it is single crochet in the back loop of the stitch. This gives the line one each side on alternate rows.

I think you could easily mimic this crochet with the brioche stitch. I do this by casting on a multiple of three. The pattern is sl1 knitwise, yarn over, knit two together to the end of the row. It’s the same pattern for right and wrong sides. You won’t begin to see the pattern for about seven rows. Nice dish clothes. They puff up when wet. Great for shower wash cloths. They feel nice on the skin and would be great for gifts.