What stitch for gauge swatch?

i have seen these: http://www.knittingdaily.com/freepatterns/gloves_mittens/Mesh-Gloves-341-1.html

the pattern says that the guage is 22 st over 52rnd = 4" but am not sure if this is in the lace pattern or plain stockinette.

obviously knowing this would help me pick the yarn.

Usually that’s in stockinette st, but are you sure 52 rounds? A typo…?

it did seem like a lot! maybe a typo or just becaue it is a lace weight yarn on smal needles?
hmm i shall have to play around i think.

But you’d get more than 22sts/4" when the row gauge is 53.

The pattern says the gauge is in lace pattern on smaller needles after blocking.

Well that helps. I didn’t go to the link this time…

:teehee: how did i miss that!! oh i despair sometimes :wall: thank you for pointing it out to me!!