What squirt bottles do you use?

I’m going to hop back on the dying train. One of the reason I got off was because of my squirt bottles leaking. Anyone know of some inexpensive, tight bottles…not the ones like kitchen cleaner but like ketchup at a picnic. I need to buy them online, as I have looked at all the places here and nothign fits.



I got my squirt bottles at the dollar store. They came three for a dollar. They’re exactly like the ones used for ketchup and mustard.

I use a turkey baster in lieu of squirt bottles, but NinaT’s suggestion sounds better.

95% of my dye stuffs came from the dollar tree or Wal-Mart. I use the ketchup bottles, flavor injector (looks like a giant needle), and cake decorating supplies. Just use your imagination and you’ll find what works for you.

Another dollar store hunter for me (dollar general, family dollar, the dollar store)

I use some bottles I bought from The Dollar Tree - they were cheap, but are not good. They leak, and oversquirt sometimes. They sell some nice cheap ones at Dharma Trading Cobut I have not gotten around to ordering any yet to try them out.

I live three hours away from the nearest Walmart, 4 away from the nearest Dollar Store. I’ll peek at the Dharma link. Thanks!

last night i dyed and i used a 16 ounce water bottle. wearing gloves, i used my index finger to control the pouring amount. HTH

And do we get to see the results???


check my etsy shop… it’s the dried lavender color that i used the water bottle on… :slight_smile: