What sort of rediculous items are in your stash?

I love how Homespun feels, but I hate knitting with it. It’s just such a nightmare whenever I touch it. :pout:

You stole the words right out of my moulth. I love the look of homespun and I love the end product, but I just can’t knit with it! I think it’s cuz I have this nerodic habbit of pushing the fluffy part of the yarn back to the ball, so I get all of the fluffy stuff on the bottom of the little thread and it’ hard to knit with (did that make any sense?)

So, I mean no offence to homespun lovers. I like the yarn too. I just don’t love knitting with it :thumbsup:

The thing about knitting successfully with Homespun is you need to use larger needles. Like 11s or bigger. Then it behaves better, though you can still get a needle tip into the thread instead of the whole stitch. Not a yarn you want to knit in movies with.


Silver … those would look SO CUTE at the beach :slight_smile: (Moonlight Mohair Wrist Warmers )

Well I never had a problem knitting with Homespun so I didn’t know it was causing problems. I can see how it could because of how the yarn is made… I used it very early on in my knitting career and haven’t used it again but I guess I was just too naive to think it was a bad yarn… it felt sooooo good. I did use larger needles with it so I guess that’s why I never had any problems.

Man I still love that purple sweater I made with it. sigh

Hee… that was Dovey that suggested the wrist warmers :slight_smile:

I just made a scarf out of the moonlight mohair that I found at this new store. I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not, it’s called Ollie’s and it’s kind of like an Odd Lots. Lot’s of overstock, buyout stuff. They had the M Mohair, suede yarn, boucle, and some other lion yarn for 1.99 a skein. Now that I see those wrist warmers I think I need to go back so my scarf can be a set!

I am actually using some Homespun right now to make a scarf for my mom. I am a very new knitter…so maybe I don’t know better, but it is knitting up easily!

I really think it is the homespun you get… I used a skein to make a lovely scarf and it was lovely. Then I got 3 skeins to make a shawl and ugh! It was nasty-rougher to the touch and split if I even looked at it wrong.

Needless to say that project is still OTN but not even considered on the WIP list.

I have an untold number of skeins of overpriced (scratchy!) worsted mohair that sheds worse than one of my mother’s cats and bleeds until it’s neonlike.
But I’m still trying to come up with something useful to turn it into.

I’m with Silver, I used homespun shortly after i began knitting, my mil LOVES the afghan I made with it bc it’s so soft, but it didn’t really give me any problems.

Something ridiculous in my stash :shrug: All I can say is that I am in dire need of a yarn purchase, haven’t made one or been surprised with any in a month…and that is ridiculous around here :wink:


If you decide to try using the chenille for a blanket or afghan, you may want to do a swatch and wash it first. Chenille can worm horribly.

I have used chenille knit on much smaller than called for needles to make teddy bears. That usually takes care of the worming, and it can make a lovely fabric for teddy bears.

Mama Bear

i bought a ball each of sugar and creme yarn in: white, red, orange, lime green, dark green, and yellow. i wanted to knit the sushi roll TP cozy that i saw on an episode of ‘knitty gritty’ - unfortunately, i can’t get the dimensions right, despite messing around with my needle size and my pattern instructions, and after knitting four seperate sushi “tops”, none of which have come out properly, i am getting ready to scrap the project until i can afford to get the yarn suggested in the pattern instructions. sooooo…if anyone has any ideas on projects to use up my sugar and creme, by all means, send them my way!

Wholly shawl, batman! :noway:


The recycled yarn would probably work fine if you double or triple strand it. If you take a plied yarn, like say… Cascade superwash or Jaeger Matchmaker merino, and pull a single strand out, you will find it is very flimsy falling apart. Plied, it’s great.

I love to mix strands of different recycled yarns, you can get some lovely unique yarns this way.

Fragile recycled yarns can also be great for felting!

Mama Bear

I am not so sure if this is ridiculous or not… ok it is… :roflhard: I have for some reason a TON of really awful red heart acrilic in really AWFUL colors, red, green, orange, purple…why? :wall: because it was cheap and I got it in bulk from someone destashing :doh: I kept thinking… I’m a Packer fan… all of my friends are Packer fans… maybe use the green and some of the horrible gold that I picked up and some random place for no apparent reason other than it was YARN and make some Packer related thing? :— except that the yarn sucks and I would hate to not only work with it but also give it to someone!

I did use big needles. Size 13.

I just chalk it up to “everyone knits differently” and for my knitting style, Homespun=Headaches.