What sort of knitting do you enjoy most?

Hi Fellow Knitters,

Sorry for my absence of late - two vacations and a car crash and its aftermath have kept me busy.

I have been knitting since I was quite young, albeit with a break of several years, starting again a couple of years ago. Since starting again I have become aware of a great variety of knitting patterns and styles that people enjoy. I was just wondering what kind of knitting people here most enjoy and if you prefer 2 needles, 4 needles or circular ones.

I have come to love double-knitting on 2 straight needles and think I would count that as my favourite of the moment. I have knitted lots of phone covers using that method, mostly in a rainbow yarn, of which I got a large ball about a year and a half ago. Now I am knitting a hat, converting a pattern for 2 straight needles to double-knit and, apart from the start where I had to be careful, it is coming on very nicely.

So, what sort of knitting do you enjoy the most?


I like knitting anything but I will only use circular needles. My double point are hair ornaments,lol! I was going to try double knitting on a garment I am making but decided it would make the back too thick and heavier than the rest of the garment. I like to do challenging patterns and the more involved it is the better for me. I do some mindless knitting but prefer interesting and challenge:cheering:!

I too only use circular needles, whether I’m knitting straight or in a circle. I love to knit things for children. Luckily, I have my own 2, plus 2 nieces and 1 nephew - I’ve really got to get started on Christmas gifts!! :eyes:

Circular needles. I can’t remember the last time I used straights.

I like variety so I often switch around. Right now I’ve been alternating between a sweater or me and some little charity vests.

Circular interchangeables – I’m traveling, so can’t carry much of anything else. I have one set of very thin DPNs, though – I think they’re 2mm.

Lace or lace-like patterns are one of my absolute favs to knit. And knitting where I’m learning new techniques is fabulous.

I enjoy using straights as long as they are not really long. I mostly enjoy short projects. I get bored easily, that’s why I have about 6 unfinished sweaters stuffed at the bottom of my stash!

I don’t know if I have a favorite…I guess I use my circs the most…but that doesn’t stop me from picking up my double points, or my straights…mind you…I would never touch a 14" straight again…10" only for me…

Terribly sorry to hear about the car accident!

I love to knit circular projects on circular needles or DPNs. I like doing anything with cables but I’m not the biggest fan of stranded colorwork. naturally, liking cables, I also like to do cables scarves.

I have also done a fair amount of Lion zig zag pattern scarves. They are just increases and decreases to create a diamond. A little mindless but you still have to pay attention some.

I like knitting on circular needles. I also enjoy doing challenging patterns. I want to do more fair isle knitting and entrelac. I’ve never tackled entrelac yet. :knitting:

I love using my circs for everything! I’m actually debating on what my next project is going to be. I really, really want to start on a top down cardigan that I got from etsy…but I haven’t decided on what yarn I want to use yet and then I need to purchase the yarn. I also want to start on the ornaments to make for my preschool class, but again, that involves purchasing the yarn. :teehee:
I do have sock yarn in my stash, so perhaps I’ll make a pair of socks :slight_smile:

I like knitting in the round, whether done on circs or dpn’s. My favorite is socks. I’m a big fan of stitch patterns (love lace!) so I guess I prefer texture over color. I don’t really enjoy changing colors or working with multiple colors.

Circular for sure.

I hope that everything is ok regarding the car crash and that you and everyone else are in good health. I know from personal experience how that can be.

You are such a dear! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a knitted cover for my cell phone and just “discovered” the double knitting method while looking at baby blanket patterns. THANK YOU…you’ve given me a new direction to look toward!:muah:
Now, I perfer to use circulars, whether it be for socks, shawls, etc. I don’t worry about dropping a needle, and I can quickly put my knitting down or away if need be. As for projects, I really like lace for at home, and socks for on the go.