What sock yarn do you recommend

Hi. First time here hope you can answer a question. I want to knit an elegant crescent shawl for a wedding gift but I don’t have an elegant yarn budget, but I can spend more than the cost of acrylic. The lady spends time in warm weather so the shawl needs to be light weight and I have found the perfect pattern that will calls for sock yarn. What do you folks recommend as the best yarn that will make the project look and feel special and each ball has a high yardage count so I don’t have to add a new ball too often. Thank you Mary

I cannot afford elegant yarn either…but perhaps you can go to one of the popular yarn/craft stores (I am new to this sight and am not sure if I can mention or suggest a certain store?) but go to one of these and explain what you need…they can direct you to their sock yarn section and perhaps something will be on sale…I would think that it would take a lot of sock yarn though…since it is a thinner yarn…perhaps they can suggest another kind of yarn that would be suitable…

Hi Mary, Are you in the UK? If so,I can recommend KNITGLOBAL 4ply(available on ebay) It is lovely to work with,costs less than £5 per 100g hank and is 435yds.
I made this with the Rose Garden colourway,
the yarn
I’ve also made a shawl out of Ice Yarns alpaca which cost £4 for 6x50g skeins on one of their sales. I used 3 skeins,1149yds, to make this one.Ice%20yarns%20shawl
and I’ve also used Opal Lasst Blumen Sprechen (not sure if this particular yarn is discontinued now but there are many other Opal yarns) a bit more expensive, but still less than £10 a 100g skein and 465yds. This took just 1 skein.
There’s also Drops and Filcolana Arwetta to consider in the less expensive bracket.There are many more brands available in the above £10 a skein section!! but I’ve found you can get just as lovely results with the less expensive yarns too.
Hope this helps :blush:


Thank you so much. I am in the USA. Didn’t think to mention it. Your work is beautiful and the yarn colors are exactly what I had in mind. I can try ice yarn and drops. Thank you again. Wasn’t quite sure how this site worked but wow I am impressed. Thanks

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