What size needles should I use?

My friend is ordering some Galenas Merino for me from Irish Baby Knits as seen here:

and she’d like me to make her a scarf. So, my question is what size needles would be best for that yarn? And does it depend on the stitch?

Lucky lucky you! I drool over her things every time I visit her site! I’d PM Irish Baby herself, I bet she could give you some suggestions! Did your friend want more of an open or lacy scarf or a more “solid” type scarf such as the scrunchable scarf or “My So-Called Scarf”?

Here is the information they have posted on this yarn:

Galenas Merino, worsted weight, single ply, incredibly soft. 4 oz, 220 yards, needle size 5-8.
Accepts dye with a silky sheen – colors are vibrant.

Looks as though it’ll depend on your gauge mostly.


It’s beatiful btw :slight_smile:

Thanks Danielle!

She said it was up to me on the pattern and for me to surprise her. She liked the cable knit, I think so I’m thinking I’ll do that. Maybe the Irish Hiking Scarf? Oh I can’t wait to feel it, lol.

I’d probably go with needles 7-9, depending on the pattern, since it’s worsted.