What size needle?

I want to try circular needles on my next hat but I don’t know what size. One pattern says to use size 10 1/2 circular needles but doesn’t say whether to use 16", 20", 24". What is a good size for an adult knitted hat and a children’s hat. I can’t even find anything in the stores except 29"! Is there an online store that has all the different sizes.



I use 16" circs on all of my hats. You can order them @ www.knitting-warehouse.com or www.yarn-store.com
My faves are the Inox pearl gray…they have a teflon type coating that allow the yarn to travel smoothly along & the join is very smooth :thumbsup:

I think that 16" would be the safest to buy. I’ve done a lot of baby hats starting out on one 16" then moving to two 16" circs once I start the decreases (using the 2-circ method instead of DPNs). You can always fit more stitches on a 16" (for a larger circumference hat)…but you can’t fit less on a 24" or 29".

The big crafty stores (Michaels, JoAnn) only seem to carry 29" circs…I bought my 16"s on eBay…and I borrow from my mom if I need a size I don’t already have. :mrgreen:

Hi, Jackie!

Sorry I can’t help with your other questions, but I just got a bunch of 16" circs from here http://www.yarnzilla.com/default.php?cPath=4_1146_1255 I am not sure if I like them yet (I think I like Bamboo better, but I liked the price of these!) but they have many different choices!


Oh man, do I have a lot to learn!! Hope someone will take pity on me and answer my cries for help when I try this method :oops: I have a feeling I will be pulling my hair out!! :rollseyes:

SoapDoc, you will be stunned…it is soooo simple. I was so afraid to try it but my mom convinced me that it was waaay easier than DPNs (which I was also afraid of, and still am!) :wink:


I just bought 2 new 16" circular needles from www.purplekittyyarns.com
They had all the sizes in Susan Bates at really reasonable prices, (less than $6) and the shipping was cheap. Service was Great. I had the needles in 48 hours!



Well, thanks to Silver :happydance: (I didn’t know you were supposed to be afraid of DNP’s and listened to her when she cheered me on and said I could do it!) I am quite good with them, so if two circs. are easier, maybe I CAN do it!

Thanks for the positive energy, Julie!!! Once I have two of one size needle, I will give it a go!

I add my hearty cheers for two circs, too!! One of the best things I ever learned!

{{{{{Darlene}}}}} You know I’ll continue to cheer you on! You can DOOOO it! :cheering:

well i just got sick of looking for 16" circs in the stores localling and ordered about 6 sets of them off joanns.com. the LYS had them at prices higher than i wanted to pay and i got all six sets for less than 20 bucks i think. i am waiting fairly impatiently for them cuz i wanna make some hats!!

i would say yes…go for 16s cuz trying to stretch those stitches around a needle that is just a smidge too big is fairly unpleasant!

Wow! thanks for all the links to buy circular needles! I didn’t know I could use the 16" for adult hat. Another question though…two circular needles??? I’m in there with Soap…I have a lot to learn.

if i recall correctly, amy has a video on that…i believe i watched one the other day anyway. i know that i don’t mind using DPNs as i decrease but i HATE starting with them!

Two circs are used for small diameter knitting that would normally call for dpns. Basically the idea is that you’re dividing the knitting in half–half the stitches on one circ and half the stitches on another circ. You use the two ends of one circ to knit one side, turn it around and use the two ends of the other circ to knit the other side.

It sounds more complicated that it is. I had seen it in books, but couldn’t understand it. I learned by watching someone else and it was a big AHA!

Here is a link to the video! :smiley:

Thanks, Silver :slight_smile: I know I can count on you :cheering:

Thanks, Julie!! That really does look like I may be able to do it!

Looks like a few more circ’s are in my very near future :lol: