what size needle create the chunker texture on a textured project as opposed to a picture project

I knit dishcloths. I have found out that a picture cloth turns more defined with a smaller needle. But what size needle will make a heavier texture on a textured cloth…big or small?

Can you give us an example of the kind of dishcloth you mean?
When you say a heavier texture, in what sense? Thicker?

A texture cloth rather than a picture cloth

these cloths have texture

this cloth has a picture

It can be the same size needle for both. It depends more on the stitch pattern that is used. The blue pattern used cables for example, that really stand out. The pink used a lattice pattern.
The type of yarn makes a difference too. Some more tightly spun yarns make a pattern pop where a softer yarn doesn’t.

I agree with @salmonmac. Just knit with what the pattern suggests (or yarn). I don’t think a certain needle can make the texture chunkier…the yarn and pattern do that.