What size is the orginal Anthropologie Inspired Capelet patt

I wear a size 12-14 and was wondering if this pattern gives some xtra room to stretch or has anyone made one that’s a little bigger :pout:

Hi. I don’t know the pattern but found these links to people who have made it and who you might contact?



There really is no size. You keep making the increases until it’s big enough to fit you. I think how to figure that is mentioned in the pattern.


yup you keep until increasing till your shoulder part meet under your armpit… as they meet each other …

If you check the original craftster KAL, a number of ladies decided to increase the number of cast on stitches so that the neckband wasn’t so tight. I think the original pattern was a size 6-ish. I remember a number of posts that did all the math to figure out the first raglan row after the ribbing so I would check there first. There are like 68 pages of posts, but well worth the time wandering through them.

I’m a size 6 (generally)- (and ahem small chested) and the original pattern worked great for me. HTH, MKZ

Aren’t you supposed to measure your neck, or wherever you want the neckband to start, and muliply that times your sts/inch gauge? That way you’d start out about right for your size.