What Size DP's

Greetings -

I am going to knit socks with a DK weight - what size DP’s would you use? (newbie here)

Hard to say…would probably be a real good idea to knit a gauge swatch to see what you’ll be getting with your yarn and needles. With DK, you could likely use size 4 to size 8, but you do want to try to match the gauge in your pattern so your socks won’t look like they’ve been made for godzilla… :teehee:

Good Luck!


I’d guess probably a 5 or 6, but as already suggested, knitting a swatch will tell you if it’s even close. I’m doing socks with worsted right now, and a 6 is working nicely.


If you’re using a yarn that isn’t “sock yarn”, try knitting your swatch on needles 2 sizes smaller than what you would normally use for the yarn. You generally want the fabric of socks to be more tightly knit than say a sweater to get better wearability and a bit smoother feel on the bottoms of your feet.

Remember - needle sizes on ball bands are “suggestions” not laws!

If you are using a “sock yarn” the needle size suggested is usually appropriate to get a fabric that works well for socks.

Happy Sock Knitting!!!