What size do I need?

Hi! What size circular needles do I need to make a shawl on size 11 needles~~shawl would measure about 60"x 30". I’ve never used circulars before. Thanks!

I think a standard 29" circulars should be fine if you’ll be casting on width wise since your finished object will be 30". If you’ll be casting on length wise you’ll have to look for a longer needle. I usually try to get circulars that are a little bit shorter than the required length since you end up scrunching the material as you knit around. I really dislike when the cord is too long and gets in the way.

You could use a 24" if casting on the 30". Even if casting on lengthwise, a 29-30" long needle will easily take 60" of sts without squezing them all that much. I agree about having too much cord in the way, that’s why I don’t use 40" much.