What size circulars for kid hats?

My oldest son’s head is about 21.5 inches in diameter, my baby’s is about 15.5 inches, didn’t measure the other daughter & son in between. :wink:

Think a 16 incher would work? Is that a standard size? They are measured tip to tip, right? I know I could use DPNs and would probably have to, to finish up at the top, but I might as well add some shorter circs to my inventory, especially since the interchangeable kits seem to have longer cords.

I’m waiting for Hobby Lobby to get in their Needlemaster sets since they are sold out (and got a rain check for the half-off price!), but the in-laws also got me a gift certificate for by birthday that is burning a hole in my pocket for a small local craft store that has yarn and some knitting supplies . :wink:

16" circulars are good for adult sized hats, so these might work for your oldest son. You’d need something smaller I think for smaller heads, and personally I don’t find it easy to use circs smaller than 16". So you’re probably going to have to do dpns or knit w/ 2 circs or use Magic Loop. And yeah, they’re measured tip to tip.

I happen to be the odd girl out & love using my 12" addi’s…but I would bet that using 2 circs (especially since u probably have them) or dpns will be your best bet for the baby’s :wink:

I use a set of two 16" circs for all hats…children and adult. I just switch from one circ to two when I reach the point in the decreases where they’re too small to fit on one. (This method…swear by it!) :thumbsup: