What Should My First Elizabeth Zimmerman Book Be?

I’ve heard so much about Elizabeth Zimmerman and her writing. I’m going to ask DH to get me one of her books for Christmas. What would you Zimmerman fans recommend as my first?

Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of her books. I know a lot of people start out with The Opinionated Knitter which is a compilation of some of her newsletters published in book form. I have that, The Knitter’s Workshop (which you can also get in DVD form with Elizabeth herself leading the lessons) and the Knitter’s Almanac which is a fun compilation of projects that you can knit from month to month.

All her books are very chatty and include patterns, some of which are repeated in other books. The Baby surprise sweater is included in both the Knitter’s Workshop and The Opinionated Knitter.

Good luck in choosing!

I hear she’s a humorous writer like the Yarn Harlot? Is this true?

Humorous, yes but I’d more say that the Yarn Harlot is a humorous writer like EZ who preceded her by a bunch.

Very different style of humor, though.

Did you decide on a book? If you look at KnitPicks site you can “look inside” many of the books and there is an audio review of some of the books as well (at least of the Knitter’s Workshop, anyway.)

Yes I did. Knitpicks is having a 40% off sale and I told hubby to buy now for my birthday & Christmas! Both in December :wink:

I added The Opinionated Knitter to the basket. I know he will get it!

Thanks for the head’s up on the sale, I’ve been meaning to get them both since checking them out of the library! I just ordered them for myself!!