What should I use to sew on the sleeves?

I am making a babies sweater and have had it sitting on my desk waiting to be sewn together for over a week now as I was to scared to do it lol, I finally gave in today and attacked it with mattress switch, which by the way was rather simple really hehehe. I have finished it all except for attatching the sleeves to the body but I am not sure if I should go with the mattress stitch for them or if their is another way that is more effective for sleeves…

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Are they set in sleeves?? Generally you will want to seam the shoulders of the front and back pieces together first, then sleeve cap to the armhole opening of the sweater. The last step will be to seam the length of the sleeves and the sides of the sweater.

As far as seaming the sleeve cap to the armhole opening…it can be a bit trickier because the sleeve stitches will be facing one way and the armhole stitches will be facing the other way (one vertical and one horizontal). So you kind of use a mix of mattress stitch and the method shown here for seaming shoulders:
diagram here

There’s a really good explanation here. I used it for the sleeves on my first seamed sweater and it worked really well.

Kellyjo, that’s a great link. Thanks for sharing.

thankyou, will attempt this tonight and hope for the best hehehe