What Should I Make With

My KP Palette sampler?

I’d like to get a feel for the yarn and have some useful projects as well. Anybody have suggestions? What did you use yours for? I’m sure I could make several things.

i haven’t gotten the sampler yet, but that would make for a great log cabin blanket, or baby blanket if you don’t have enough to make it so big.

:!!!: double post. why does it do that? :!!!:

Perfect! I’ve been wanting to try log cabin stuff and there’s a baby in the extended family coming up!

Wow, are there samplers for the other yarns too?

here’s a suggestion for you before you drive yourself crazy with that many colors, but you’d prob do it anyways - draw yourself a colored/lettered diagram (even in excel) and then mark your skeins so you know which color to use where. personally, i’d start with some of the lighter colors in the middle, and then go darker. if you have the m/d book, i think there is a pic of a very multi colored log cabin, that you could work off of to get started.

good luck! i’d love to see it when it’s done!