What should I make with it?

Ok everyone I have this motto kinda like …no yarn left behind :teehee: So I bought this in the thrift store in a bag with some wool ease. I have no idea how much is there its a chubby lil ball and pretty colors, If ya click on it you can see the colors better… umm all I know by guessing is that its a 3ply worsted weight yarn :thinking: Soo question is what should i make with it? My mom (48 years old) just lost her job because the doctor she worked for retired and was so excited when she landed an interview for Februaury 14th for a job at a local hospital :woot: So I was kind of wanting to make her something :heart: What do ya’ll think :teehee:

[color=indigo]Hi Aimee,

Very pretty yarn. I am thinking to make something very simple, so as to help this yarn be more for everyday (office) wear for your mom. Possibly a simple T-shirt top? :??



Thanks landolphe :muah: Im not sure ill have enough though. I may have to break out the yardstick and measure it out even though i dont want to :teehee: The yarn ball weighs about 4-5 ounces

Does she wear headbands? This would be pretty as a lacy headband or scarf-like thing for her hair.

Your right it would be pretty but hmm she doesnt wear headbands cause her hair is entirely to curly but I was thinking of making a lacy type scarf for her but still thinking about it what do ya think?

Is your mom a fou-fou kind of girl? I made my mom the Vicki Howell’s Kick Ass-cot! for Valentine’s Day, out of microspun. I realize the pattern calls for a sport weight yarn, but you have a little leeway with scarves.

Oh, I was thinking about this type of thing too!

Yes, I think a scarf thing would be nice, although I can’t feel the yarn. Perhaps all you would need to do is adjust the needle size and # of cast on stitches.

ooo I love that scarf you guys :heart: Is it easy?

I have not made it, but you know that the more experienced people on this board would certainly be available to walk you through it.

soo what do you think would like nicer with the yarn above
The Kick Ass Cot
The Lana and Clark ascot


Looks like it would make a nice mobius scarf.

Can be a conversation piece to. :teehee:

What kind of taste does your mom have?

I, personally, like the Lana and Clark Ascot best. I think the lacey pattern is prettier. It looks more feminine.

Go with what you like best, though.


So thanks everyone I decided Im going to make the Lana and Clark Ascot for my mom :muah: umm doers anyone know what type of shirt she would wear with it :?? I want to buy that for her too to go with it hmm any color ideas

That is something I can’t help you with. My family thinks my sense of fashion stinks. They’re ready for me to be on “What Not to Wear.” :grrr:

I think it would be cute dressed up with a nice sweater or silk blouse, or dressed down with a tee like Vicki’s wearing it in the picture.

Thats what I thought but I wasn’t sure Thanks Renna :muah: