What should I make for ill sister in law?

Well, my sister in law is expecting her first (much desired) child. She has been EXTREMELY sick with morning sickness and is now on two IVs to help her get through this (one to rehydrate her, one with meds for the nausea).

I love my sister in law and would like to do something nice for her…something to make her feel better.

So…I was thinking some kind of shawl/shrug/wrap item that she could wear both before and after the baby. It will have to be purple, because that is her favorite color. Her clothes tend to be pretty tailored, so anything funky would be out of the question, but at the same time, she is pretty young. I would like something fairly quick because I want to send it to her soon.

I am willing to consider other items, beside the shawl/shrug/wrap if anyone has any ideas!

Thank you!


There’s always Prayer Shawls

I hope she feels better :hug:

That’s what I was thinking, too. She can use it now while she’s resting and strengthening herself in the hospital, and if she was going to try to nurse, she can use it as a nursing shawl (or if she wasn’t going to nurse, it’s still a nice way to cuddle both her and the baby after the baby is born!). To make it knit up a little faster, you can try knitting with two strands held together on some bigger needles, too.

Hospitals are always cold–I’m sure a shawl to cover up her shoulders and upper body would be GREATLY appreciated!

One thing I didn’t mention was that sister in law lives in Houston, TX.

Do you think that a shawl will be too heavy or warm?


Check Colourmart yarn on Ebay. Colourmart runs a forum on this site. You can find the access on any yarn description. Register for the forum and you will find lots of shawl pictures and on the forum there is lots of ilnformation on shawl patterns. These shawls are made from the beautiful cashmere yarn sold by Colourmart. Colourmart also has an internet website www.colourmart.com. There are pictures here too. The price of this cashmere is reasonable and it is so very soft and easy to care for. I do hope she feels better soon.

My boss’s wife spent her entire pregnancy on IV and feeding tubes and it was tough. Hopefully you sil will be better fast.

I agree with a cuddly prayer shawl and the double strand/bigger needles is a good idea. (Maybe 2 shades of purple.) I made one for a co-worker who was having cancer surgery a couple of years ago and every so often she tells me how she pulls it out and wraps up in it. It’s been used well beyond the surgery and recovery.

Maybe you could consider Clapotis from knitty? http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html I have seen some in purple Malabrigo, it’s just fabulous!

I think the claplotis is really pretty as well. I sure hope she gets to feeling better. My sister was in the hospital for both her pregnancies with the same issues. It’s a really hard situation. A present like that would be really thoughtful. :hug:

I think a shawl or wrap is an excellent idea. It can comfort her now and then later be used for nursing in private, warmth for those middle of the night feedings, etc. Provided it’s not too open weave that is…

I’m not sure (never having been to that part of the country), but I do know that hospitals are usually cold. In any case, you can maybe knit the shawl using a lighter weight content; maybe something with cotton in it? I use my shawls in the summertime in the air conditioning, so for me at least, shawls aren’t necessarily only for cooler weather or climates (but then again, I’m always cold! :teehee: )

For me, whenever anybody I know is going through something rough, whether it’s illness or just another difficult situation, I always knit up a shawl. It’s the closest thing to a hug I can give to them! :thumbsup: That way they can wrap themselves in it when they need some comforting, and it’s a way they can remember that I love them and care about them and that I’m with them in some way.

I like cheesiesmom’s idea of using two different shades of purple. I made a prayer shawl with one strand of deep solid red and one strand of a more faded and heathered red, and I really liked the way it turned out. The two different shades of the same color really give depth to the finished project. I hope she’s feeling better soon, and you are an AWESOME SIL to think of her and to make something so heartfelt for her!!! :muah:

I’ll chime in to also recommend knitting a prayer shawl. Last fall I grabbed some Homespun and my needles when heading out to be with my daughter during labor and delivery. She loved the color of yarn I was using, so I decided to give her the shawl. It was so meaningful, since I’d been knitting on it those hours before birth and quiet times later. She used it constantly as a nursing shawl, and it became a comfort to the baby too. I’m in Texas so understand the heat problem. It’s not too hot now, and there’s air conditioning… No doubt it will also be cooler when the baby arrives.

I use the traditional shawl pattern in the first website given you in this link and always enclose a prayer of blessing. If you need that, just send me a pm. I do think one strand of a yarn like Homespun is a good weight–two would be too heavy. I use size 13 needles, so it goes quickly. Mine turn out about 25" by 52" plus fringe. They are very soft and washable. It wasn’t too “open” for nursing. Pam

Yeah! :cheering: I was totally thinking Clapotis! You could even do a sock weight yarn if you wanted it to be a lighter weight.