What should I knit with this?

I was finally at a yarn store that had that Malabrigo that everyone on here talks about, so I bought a few skeins…the solid is chunky and the other is …what it is…do you say colorway and worsted.

Very pretty!! What do you want to make? How much yardage do you have? I’ve seen nice hats, mittens, scarfs from Malabrigo, even sweaters.

I’ve only used Malabrigo once, I had a single skein (about 215 yds) that I used to make a scarf. In fact, I’m sitting here with it around my neck right now, lol. It’s very soft and warm.

It’s popular to make scarves or neckwarmers with Malabrigo, because it feels so good around your face. You could also make mittens, because that would also feel nice.

I made a keyhole scarf once with it, and I just finished The Amanda Hat with plenty leftover from a skein of worsted (see Whatcha’ Knittin’ for my post there).