What Should I Knit for Mom?

My mom’s birthday is on Superbowl Sunday…she’s turning 48 and has a 26 year old daughter (me!) and she gets rather mopey about being so old. Well, until I tell her I met a woman the same age as her with a 14 year old daughter and she said “Oh god…I’d never have the energy to put up with that now” :teehee:

So…any body have any cute ideas for a knitted gift I can include in her birthday present? She’s not a wristwarmers/scarves/etc type person (except for when she walks in the morning), she’s a big football fan…she’s a dancer…and she’s got super sensitive skin (NO wool).

KPC never really inspires me…but I’d love some ideas from fellow KH’ers!

Your mom is YOUNG!!! She shouldn’t feel like she’s “old”. You mentioned that your mom is a dancer, and I thought maybe this pattern might be fun for her, although you’d know better if it would be something that she would wear or not, and you can certainly use whatever yarn you wanted as long as it was equivalent in gauge. Just an idea. :shrug:

That is cute…she’d probably think it was really cute but not wear it. (Neither of us are still sporting the dancer “figures” we once had :teehee: ). She’s always telling me to knit up legwarmers and sell them in the shop at the studio she owns. Heh.

Maybe I’ll do something purposefully silly.

I’m knitting my mom the felted marsupial bag from SnB, or maybe the booga bag. She’s also a young mom (43 and I’m 22) and very stylish, so I think she’ll like it. I might also knit her a Calorimetry, but I’m not sure yet cuz it’s kinda hot here in Florida. :sun:

I made both my mom and mother in law the felted marsupial bag and they both love them. It knits up very quickly and like everything felted, looks more complicated than it is.

maybe one of the noni bag patterns:

HamaLee - your mother and I are close to same age - I am going to be 47 in April! She’s a YOUNG YOUNG woman!

One of my friends has been making felted bags and I adore them. Maybe she would like something like that. Would it be difficult to felt a bag with a football image on it? :slight_smile:

Heheh…good idea, I’m sure I could work something out. Unfortunately (for my knitting only) my mom’s vice is very nice, expensive bags and purses. She wouldn’t be caught dead with something felted or handknit…it also wouldn’t suit her style.

However, I bet I could combine a few patterns to come up with something to separately store all her smelly nasty dance shoes at the studio so they don’t stink up her notebooks and shirts! :happydance:

Thanks for all the suggestions!

HamaLee - your mother and I are close to same age - I am going to be 47 in April! She’s a YOUNG YOUNG woman!

I know my mom is quite young, and so does she…but hey I turned 26 yesterday and felt old myself. Having grown children at a young age doesn’t make your back stop hurting in the morning…plus she finally had to break down and get reading glasses :rofl:

We’re a very teasing-natured family. Dad turns the be 5-0 next year…should be hilarious!

I’ll let you all know what I decide and how it turns out.

You are lucky to have such a young mom – I’m just a couple of years older and I have an 8 year old and a 12 year old. I hate to start thinking how old I will be when they are your age :waah:

Hapy B’day to your mom! :balloons:


Tell your mom “I hear ya” on the reading glasses part. I now have bifocals, and it sure came on sudden like!

Good luck with your project!