What should I do?

I have made this purse (at this point it’s just the finished square flat piece)


With Mauch Chunky yarn that I bought out of town at a LYS. The pattern calls for Burly Spun Brown Sheep yarn. I have no idea what this is (really what either Mauch or the burly is) I added a extra 1 or 2 cables to make it bigger. Anyway my knitting is really loose I’m thinking about frogging it and using two pieces of yarn held together. It doesn’t bother me to take is all apart if it’s goin to look better. It doesn’t look bad just not as tight as the pic of the purse in the pattern. I guess that the burly spun brown sheep stuff is thicker??? What would you do? I would post a pic but I have no idea how. sorry.

Hi Jens:
Here is a link to a store that sells Burly (from Brown Sheep): http://www.kyarns.com/brown-sheep-burly-spun-super-bulky-wool.html
according to them it is a Super Bulky Weight Yarn.
Since you have professed to being a loose knitter you might want to go down a needle size or two to get a tighter fabric.
It is a nice purse and pattern, to bad they don’t give you a gauge to go by. I guess they figure since it is a rather simple pattern and a rectangle folded in half people will simply adjust it to fit their needs. Good Luck.

In doing a quick search it looks like the recommended yarn is bulkier so if you used a different yarn that is less bulky and still used the needles recommended for the pattern it would definitely be too loose.

When you want to use yarn other than the one recommended you need to find one that is comparable or adjust the pattern accordingly to fit the yarn. At this point it’s probably best to frog it and use a the needle size recommended by the yarn or double it. Doubling however make make it too thick so you’ll have to experiment or swatch to see if you like the fabric.

I’m frogging it. I think I’ll try holding the two together. I don’t know what else I’d do with the 2 skeins. I noticed I dropped a stitch too so didn’t feel as bad ripping it out.

I’m sure it will turn out lovely. Post pixs if you can.

You might try going down in needle size and keep in those extra repeats of the cable pattern. Just play around with the pattern and have fun - there are no knitting police and no pattern is set in stone.