What should I do with this yarn?

A friend of mine (who doesn’t knit) bought this yarn in the 579 colorway and asked me if I’d be willing to knit her something with it. She originally bought it to crochet her (now 7 year old) baby a blanket, but since said baby is no longer a baby, I was thinking of doing a shawl or something like that- something that her daughter can hang on to and use as an adult. Any ideas?

ETA I have 3 skeins, so I guess that would be about 550 yards.

I’m not sure, but here’s a website that tells you appx how many yards you need of various weights for various projects. :thumbsup:

Also your link just goes to the website so we don’t know if it’s boucle, merino or what. Might make a difference with suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestion! I didn’t notice that the URL is the same for all the pages… Here’s a link to the shade card GIF for the yarn I have http://www.touchyarns.com/graphics/yarns/07_boucle_random_shadecard.gif

Ahhh so it is the boucle. Well, I wouldn’t bother doing any fancy stitches because they won’t really show up with fuzzy yarn like that. Something garter or maybe stockinette would work though. Even 7 yr olds like a nice snuggly blanket when they are sick or watching TV. You might have to add some more yarn to make it big enough, but that would be fine.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, that fancy stitches wouldn’t really show up. I’ve never worked with boucle before, but obviously fine lace wouldn’t really work out. I was thinking maybe just a plain triangle or rectangle shawl… but I’ll be so bored of it. :slight_smile:

Or maybe a little shrug?

This one is done flat so could easily be garter stitch if you wanted.

This style can be made to fit anyone and garter would probably work here as well.

ooo I love the third one. :slight_smile: