What should I do about this Cashmere purchase?

So…the LYS that is going out of business here…now up to 65% off on some things…I mentioned to my DH that I needed to ask a question aobut that and he says “no more yarn! you need to use up the stuff you already have!” Keep in mind this is the wonderful DH that went to said LYS with me 2 weeks ago, and to the bag sale at another LYS 3 weeks prior to that…without saying a peep about how much was spent!

Here is my dilemma…I already went in and they had $44 a ball cashmere (Scozia Color Cashmere…Filatura Di Crosa 100% Cashmere!!!) for $22.00 a ball. How often does one come across an opportunity like this??? I mean you could never justify making a sweater at $44/skein but at 22.00 for 100% cashmere??? I could not resist :oops: …I bought it thinking that if nothing else, maybe someone here would want it or I could ebay it. Obviously I felt guilty which is why I mentioned it to him…really expecting to hear “oh what a great deal, you had to get it!” but I didn’t even get far enough to tell him before he was making the no more yarn comment.

My question…can anyone talk me into keeping this??? I mean… :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: , but I DO have PLENTY of yarn. Would anyone be interested in buying all 10 balls??? I think I could be convinced to give it up.

you got 10 balls?..Well, it IS cashmere, right?! Do you currently have any 100% cashmere? You could very nicely :wink: explain to him that you had no idea that he would disapprove bc he’s the WONDERFUL HUSBAND that he is and he’s not said no to you before about yarn (insert pout and one trickling tear) and that you would not have done it had you known that he would object (another tear, with ‘the look’).
Now you have it and you love it so (insert a sexy pout) and this is a once in a lifetime buy and that HE will :heart: :heart: what you make with it. But, (soft crying) if he insists, you’ll see if you can return it; even though you would never have bought had you thought that he would be so negative about it because you love him so (soft crying continues).
And see how that works… :wink:

[size=7][color=red]KEEEEP ITTTTT!!![/color][/size] Tell him (only IF he ASKS) that you thought he meant “no more yarn UNLESS you come across an UNAVOIDABLE DEAL”!

Oh yeah…and; afterall, you certainly wouldn’t object had he bought something that he loved so much (insert pout, very sexy pout; with the one trickling tear). Throw this in at the opportune time :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I generally hate to resort to such tactics, but hey, it is Cashmere!

10 balls??? :shock: Yes, I know I am crazy. But I really needed enough to make a sweater right? I mean if I’m going to have Cashmere it should be something I can wear all the time!

Girl…if you must ‘work it’…then “WORK IT”…like u said…it IS cashmere :wink:

Well, he only said that AFTER I had already bought it (but still doesn’t know…yet). So it’s totally his fault, right? AND it WAS a good deal for what it is. :wink:

I had a feeling this would be a good conversation given how we all love to rationalize our yarn purchases and act as enablers to others!

You can always hide it in the winter coat sleeves! :smiley:

Keep asking yourself “when will I ever get cashmere like this at the price I paid?”

Would he really even notice? I always tell my husband “These shoes? No not new, bought them awhile ago” (a week could be awhile ago :wink: )

No, he probably wouldn’t notice and since the store is going out of business I did have to buy it in cash and no returns. I just feel a bit gulity though because he never makes comments like that.

Here it’s eating at you. He’s probably forgotten that he even said it in the first place. Men.

That is so true, Ingrid … anyway … forget the tears … I see nothing wrong with trading sex for SEX :slight_smile:

TMI alert! Do not read any further if you don’t want to know more that you wanted to…

:thinking: I should have thought of that before last night’s activities :devil:

This shows that you have such a true & tender heart, Kemp; this feeling of guilt…you are so sweet. He will understand; as i said, it’s all in how you explain :wink: it! And, he will see that you truly do feel bad for having done it, only bc of his comment, of course & understand that he ‘hurt your feelings’ in a sense…Since he has always been so agreeable about past knitting purchases. Did that make sense? (My apologies, sudden increased leg/hip pain which leads me to doubt what I said bc of the increase in pain…headed back to bed)
But, I think he will understand, that’s what I’m trying to say

I am sure you are right. I do feel like I have to tell him though at some point if I am going to keep it. If I decide to sell it instead, I’ll just wait to tell him after I do it.

Now, Rebecca, quit getting out of bed too much!!! You are supposed to be resting :slight_smile: not listening to me whine about my cashmere guilt


Don’t know if you mentioned this or not, but has he even seen that you have it? My dh makes the same “no more yarn” comment but is not totally serious. He constantly watches ebay for his airplane parts and such and just bought a boat he’s been needling me about for over a year. The way I see it, if we can still pay our bills, and we understand that the other will buy things from time to time (we don’t have kids yet so that will change some day i know…), then what’s the harm? if it’s a real big purchase we let the other know. my dh has many moments of “good deal” logic and understands quality on the cheap when the opportunity arises.
eh, he’ll forget all about it… i would just pack it carefully for the lovely fiber that it is (after rolling all over it) and if you decide to turn a profit, then ebay it or you know any one of us will be interested if you decide to put it up for adoption :inlove:

[size=2]oh, and my dh is the same, “activities” make him forget a multitude of sins. that’s my TMI[/size]

duh, my bad, of course you metioned he hasn’t seen it yet…imadork…

SO use TONIGHT’s “activities” and/or TOMORROW’s “activities”!!! Who says there cant be MORE “activities”??? There should be LOTS of “ACTIVITES”!!! :thumbsup: