What should I charge?

Thanks for the nice welcome. I have a little delima that I hope someone will help me out with. I have been knitting my grandchildren my mother’s cable pattern that she knitted for my children and now I am getting requests to sell them. If I decide to do so what would I charge. The sizes go from 2-8 use approximately 6 balls of yarn and takes time. Sometimes I can just knit them out other times it takes longer. Can anyone please help me.

It depends on the cost of the yarn, the time you put into it, and what you think your time is worth. I don’t think anyone can know or decide that, but you.

You could look on etsy and maybe some other sites to see what prices are like, maybe that would help you decide if it’s something to pursue further.

Dear Fellow Knitters: I’ve been asked to knit this sweater for people they are children sizes 2-8 but don’t know what to charge. Any ideas?