What shall I start with?

I looked at the " Getting Started" section, and liked the little stars there, but the link for the pattern didn’t work:??..I was going to knit a scarf , the lady at the local wool shop said just cast on and do it you don’t need a pattern, but being a bit nervous about the whole thing I think a pattern would help me…has anyone got any suggestions for good beginner projects?

You might want to PM Amy to let her know about the link so that she can either remove the pattern or update the link.

One of my favorite scarves–looks great and is a great scarf for a new knitter–is the Scrunchable Scarf. I have two and wear them all winter.

Thanks, the scrunchable scarf looks good:thumbsup:…you’re right about reporting the link, I’ll do it now.

Most folks start with a scarf of some sort. I started with a 2x2 ribbed scarf. No pattern needed. It’s a good way to just start off and practice the stitches and get a feel for your natural tension.