What?! Repeat the foregoing on the other side?

Ok, so I’m working on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s hat the Maltese Fisherman’s Hat as found in EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and found myself stuck on the first ear flap. I’m not sure how to begin the other flap, but I’m sure it has something to do with where I’m stuck. The beginning or the pattern is as follows.

Cast on 36 sts. K back and forth for 10 rows. Now: K17 turn, K back. K15 turn, K back. K13 turn, K back. K11 turn, K back. K9 turn, K back. K7 turn, K back.
K8 turn, K back, K10 turn, K back, K12 turn, K back, K14 turn, K back, K16 turn, K back. K to end of row. [B]Repeat the foregoing on the other side[/B] Ear-shaping finished.

What does the pattern mean when it states: [B]Repeat the foregoing on the other side[/B] I’d really love to continue.


I edited pattern quote into segments to try and help you see what is repeated.

Turn up your ear shaping on end so the rows go vertical and you should see it shaped like a capital letter B


Well, almost like that letter but there would be two stitched between the two ear flaps and it would be solid and not hollow like the letter. :oops:

Does that help? :neutral:

Ok, meaning, now that I’m done with my first ear flap, take it off the knitting needles put it on a holder and start a whole new ear flap then join the two? hmm,

Yep. You do them separately, then you probably cast on some sts for the hat itself and knit the flaps on as you cast on.

Awesome, thanks!

Um, well, that is not what I meant nor how I understood the directions in the pattern. But I haven’t seen the whole pattern either.

Co is 36 sts. and one ear flat is 17 sts. wide. Since half of 36 is 18, I guessed it was worked from one edge as [B]short rows[/B]. Pictures on Rav seem to match that guess. But if it is worsted weight with typical gauge of 4 st per inch then a CO of 36 is only about 8 or 9 inches.

Perhaps you do cast on separately for each ear flap. Is there finishing instructions that say to seam the ear flaps together or to the stockinette hat?


continued pattern: K1 complete row. Next row: K15, (M1, K1) 6 times, K 15, cast on 14 for front. Join. There should and must be 56 sts. Work around for 10 rnds for 2 ridges by purling them on the 1 st and 3 rnds. Shape Top: Decrease 4 sts evenly-spaced around (P 2 tog, K 12) 4 times. K 1 rnd. Rep these 2 rnds, having 1 st less between decreasing every 2nd rnd. When 8 sts remain, finish off.

Guage: 5.5 sts to 2 in; 11 sts to 4 in

I can see what you mean by doing short rows with only 36 sts OffJumpsJack. I still will need to decipher the remainder of the pattern, and with the type of yarn I’m working with, add more stitches.


Pintsized, you may want to take a look at lasdcm’s Maltese Fisherman’s Hat project.

She also had to increase the patter from 5.5 sts per 2 inches to something with more like 7 sts per inch. She also uses a self striping yarn that sows the short rows worked from the end to the middle.

So follow the directions for one ear flap, end with k across (leaves you at the other edge of our flat work where you repeat the short row/ear flap portions again.

Here is a view of another Maltese Fisherman’s Hat as done by daniellex that shows the ear flaps and back.

I hope the pictures help you adapt the pattern to your yarn and gauge.

Good luck. Crossed Fingers