What podcasts do you listen to?

So, what podcasts do people listen to? knitting or otherwise?
i just got a job working at home, and i find podcasts nice to listen to because it’s something to listen to that is similar to conversations (inside jokes and whatnot).

what secret goodies are hiding out there?

Wait Wait don’t tell me and THis American Life. Keeps one side of my brain busy so the other side can knit.

i LOVE socks in the city. i think it’s gotten me hooked on sock yarn. :teehee:

Cast On
Sticks & String
Lime & Violet
Stash & Burn
Its a Purl Man

NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Commonwealth Club - good talks by lots of politicians and business people - including presidential candidates

I would add Knit Science, and the Knit Picks podcast as well. And am I the only one who finds a new podcast and then downloads every single episode so I can get the whole story? I’m listening to Cast On from more than a year ago…:teehee:

Here’s the ones I listen to:

Lime & Violet
Sticks and String
Knitters Uncensored
It’s a purl man

Harry Potter Prognostications
The Leaky Mug
Wizarding Wireless

(It looks like a lot, but it really isn’t. :teehee: I do a lot of dishes and knit a lot.)

My non-HP podcasts are:

Freetalk Live
Common Sense with Dan Carlin (He also does an amazing history lesson podcast!)
ThinkFuture (though he might go off my list soon. I don’t feel he is a good representation of the Libertarian mindset. He’s scatterbrained, and casts while driving a lot, but he is funny when he gets on a rant. )

I’ve been looking for some knitting podcasts, as well as some homeschool podcasts. Itunes doesn’t seem to put them in update order, so I always end up grabbing ones that are old and never updated. Very frustrating, since I will listen through all the old eps in a very short time! I am such a podcast fiend!

Let’s see…

This American Life (love it!)

Cast On
Stash and Burn (this is quickly becoming my new favorite!)
Knit Picks (although I think the lady’s delivery is really weird - it’s like she reading a very boring story to very young children - and trying to pretend it’s interesting.)
Socks in the City

I used to listen to Lime and Violet, but their podcast is lots of giggling and not enough knitting content for me.

So far, KnitPicks is the only one I’ve really listened to and I’m addicted. In fact, Kelley was on vacation last week and I was seriously missing my Friday podcast.

I agree with Yarndoc that her delivery leaves something to be desired but I have gotten used to her voice and the way she speaks so now I don’t care and I really enjoy the podcasts.

Great ideas, great book reviews, great knitting content.

Give her a try, she posts her new podcasts on Friday.


keep em coming! i love this podcast thing! i’ve been listening to lime and violet, and i can tell you already, i’m thinking about pulling out some sock yarn from the stash and casting on…
(and i’m posting just so i can get the alerts, because for some reason it didn’t alert me already. :teehee: )

I am in general disappointed with knitting podcasts. I can stand to listen to Stash and Burn, and the first KNit Science episodes were okay…but now M. Quinn’s reading instead of talking. All the others I’ve tried I find unbearably stupid. Interviews with designers are good, but they are often too much like advertisements for whatever.

I will continue to sample knitting podcasts as I discover them, but my expectations are low at this point.

Non-knitwise I subscribe to New Yorker Fiction, NY Times “Times Talks”, Fresh Air, and This American Life; I try to find university lectures and readings of both fiction and non-fiction, interviews with writers and artists, things of that nature.