What patterns do you use for making a scarf?

I’m trying to find the perfect pattern for making a scarf. I’ve tried just knit stitch, stockinette stitch, knitting in the round, moss stitch, and double knitting. What is your favorite stitch for making scarfs? I like double knitting, but I don’t like the separation. Any ideas?

my favorite pattern right now is the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson (clicky here for link)

takes a while to knit but I love the waviness.

Jodi, Love your Chevron scarf :heart:
Impossible to say what my fave scarf pattern is…I have several to work on for the fall/winter…I just finished the Dulaan Cable scarf, which was LOTS of fun and I just did Branching Out from Knitty.com which was also alot of fun & quick…now I have the long list of other faves that I will reveal as I knit them :wink:

thanks rebecca :heart: !

Branching Out is on my list of future to-dos, but it looks so intimidating :shock:! I have all that Zara merino that I don’t have concrete plans for yet and Branching may be a good fit.

KK made the scrunchable scarf and it is AWESOME. I just started one, too. You can make up your own, too…look in a stitch bible type book and find a pattern you like, and experiment.

if you can do that beautiful Chevron you can certainly do Branching Out, it’s very, very easy :wink:

That cable scarf is hot! I like the elongated stitch scarf pattern in the other thread best so far…

Yup…love the scrunchable scarf pattern!!

Also, there are TONS of free scarf patterns here:

MY Fav!

Reversible cables

I enjoyed this pattern from knitpicks:


I also liked the irish hiking scarf on knittingpatternscentral.com. they have lots of neat projects. (I’ve downloaded practically all of them.)