What pattern scarf do you recommend for a MN gift?

I want to knit a scarf as a gift for my sister who lives in MN. I have 2 yarns that I plan to knit together - one is a beautiful blue wool yarn and the other is a very thin blue that has some “glittery” in it (it is called “string of pearls” yarn).

My sister likes classic looks and I want something that is fairly warm for her cold climate.

I am new! I know how to knit, purl and make cables but that is it. I considered making a scarf with a single large cable strand down the middle but don’t know how to create a pattern for it.

I welcome your suggestions! I’ve seen the projects you’ve done in your pictures and know this is the place for advice!

Here is a pattern for a scarf with a cable down the middle.

The Scrunchable Scarf is popular around here, too–very warm and comfy. The picture with the pattern doesn’t do it justice.

www.knittingpatterncentral.com has tons of scarf patterns to look at.

Thanks, Ingrid! The scrunchable scarf looks very interesting.

As I said, I’m still new. How do I take the link to the scrunchable scarf and estimate the length of yarn I’ll need? Can I cast on a few rows and estimate the number of CO I’ll need? Does this scarf get blocked when it’s done or does that take away the scrunchiness? I have size 9 and 11 needles now, the recommended size for my yarn is 9.

I can’t wait to get started.


When I made my scrunchables, I just cast on for as wide as I wanted it. As long as you cast on any multiple of 3, plus 2 more stitches, you’ll be good to go. Slip the first stitch of each row purlwise and knit the last stitch and work the 3 stitch repeat in between.

I’m not sure I can help you on yarn amounts because I used yarn that I had and just knit until I felt it was long enough.

This is a scarf that won’t need blocking. It doesn’t curl at all.