What pattern is this?

After 20 years, I am back to knitting. I can’t seem to figure out this pattern, The left side is the back and the right side of the picture is the front. help!

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Ooooh I don’t know… but I like it!

Looks like double knitting. Don’t ask me how to do it though!

Maybe compare your pic to THESE STITCH PATTERNS?

It looks like maybe double-stranded yarn, but not double-knitting, to me…

But doesn’t double knitting have st st on both sides? Could it be double knitting with double yarn? The right side does look bigger though :thinking:

well the thing that gets me is that the right side looks upside down to me. is that an optical illusion that i have created in my own brain or is it really up side down?

It looks to me like there are sts in rows below…at least on the right side…

Looks like a bulky stockenette stitch… Going up on one side and down on the other…
Probably with triple strands of yarn :thinking:

bee stitch?