What pattern do I need?


Can anybody help me find just a basic (up to 58 inches bust/chest - either actual size or taking into account amount of ease) Aran/Worsted sweater pattern that is knitted in the round, bottom up with the sleeves knitted in. It can be free or one you have to buy, I don’t mind which.


Have you tried an advanced search on Ravelry?
Here are the results of one such search:


Brilliant! Thanks! Can’t quite get the hang of searching in Ravelry but I’ll give those keywords a try


Click on the advanced search under a Pattern Search box and play around with some of the settings. The patterns update as you change settings so It’s fun to see how a search narrows, or not. Good luck with your pattern search!


I use the demo version of Knitwear Sweaters v.2.5 I first used it with windows 98 I am now using it with windows 10 I wish I had bought the full version when it was available it is discontinued on the developer’s site but the program is available on Software Informer https://knitware-sweaters.software.informer.com/ I have yet to find an affordable substitute.
I checked and it does go up to a 56" bust, choose your yarn and needles make a swatch then complete the design info boxes. The demo version does not print the pattern so I go to each pattern section, select all, save to clipboard, paste into a blank word document and save.




Thanks for this. I found exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted something that would give me the amount of stitches I need so I can either use their pattern or use a stitch pattern from somewhere else :slight_smile: