What patten do you suggest

I am going to make some wraps for nursing home residents.

I don’t want just garter stitch with the one colour wraps.

Too holey not good due to the hot washing. I don’t think it would stand up to the use.

So suggestions on a pattern that is simple enough to watch the tube while making it look pleasing with few holes.

Thanks folks!


I made a few using a feather and fan pattern. It is made up of 4 simple rows repeated over and over. The pattern is called a Andean Treasure Shawl and can be founf at Knits Picks website

Sorry the website is www.knitpicks.com

Thank you Trisha54

I love that pattern. I just wonder if it is strong enough
With the lacey holes. Hmmmm

That is a pretty pattern.
Here’s a variation that has a bit of feather and fan (actually Old Shale pattern) at the edge.
Scroll down the page about halfway for the English version.

Another search term to use for this kind of thing on Rav is “prayer shawl”. Here’s a few that caught my eye. You can do any shawl in any colors you want. You can stripe them or throw in some other method of adding color. Many of the ones with color seem to be done with a yarn that changes color which would be easy to do for the below type of wraps.

Maybe this is still too gartery for you? No holes though.


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It is strong enough . I have made it using different needle sizes and different yarns. I wish i had s picture but all were gifts

That is a good idea not having it carry through the whole pattern. Thx!

Great idea Jan! I plan on making a bunch so I love all the options. Thank you.

I just may do one with that pattern. I love it too.

One of my prayer shawl patterns is very simple. One row is K1 P1 K1 P1. The other row is Knit all stitches. That’s it. Just repeat those 2 rows.

You can use any size needles – I use large needles and worsted weight yarn. If you are concerned about washing it and want it to be more tightly knit, you could use smaller needles, like maybe 6, 7 or 8.

Sometimes I do a garter stitch at both ends of the shawl, as well as the first and last 4 stitches.

Hope this helps.

Sounds great. Do you have a picture of one of them?

I really like the Readers Wrap. It is a shawl with pockets.

It’s not the best photo . . . but here it is.
As you can see, I made a border of garter stitch on the edges and top and
bottom. I like to do that because it makes the shawl lie flat and not curl
up on the edges.

Cast on an odd number of stitches
Row 1: K1 P1 K1 P1 etc.
Row 2: knit all stitches


Oh Judy, that is beautiful!
Thank you so much for posting the picture!

Shawl with pockets. That sounds great.
I will check that out too.
Thank you!

That is an interesting idea …a shawl with pockets

Just beautiful! What a simple but elegant pattern.

Glad you like it.

I have some super saver stripe yarn in beautiful blues and green.
Longish colorways I think… will be starting this shawl with it to see
If it is as lovely as the solid colour.