What part of needle to use?

Where on the needle do you pick up the stitch to knit or purl it? Are you supposed to move each stitch to the tapered end and then insert the needle that will hold the new stitch or insert the needle into the stitch while it is still below the taper end?

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Have you looked at the videos on this site? You poke the tip into the st on the other needle, which should be at the tip sinces that’s smaller, wrap the yarn around it and bring the new st through the old one. Don’t pull the yarn tight, just make sure the new st is up on the straight part of the needle.

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You need to have the stitch close enough to the tip that it will slide off easily after the new stitch is made, but it doesn’t have to be all the way onto the tapered part. I would say I usually have the first stitch at about the point at which the taper is beginning.

The only advice I’ve ever seen about working the stitch [I]before[/I] the tapered end is when you have a tendency to work really tight stitches. However, if your stitches aren’t too tight, it’s fine to slide the stitch onto the tapered point and work it there.