What on earth

I’m knitting a flower and the instructions have me stumped, can anyone help??
I’ve knitted 1 row, then it goes…
“knit 1 stitch and pass back to left needle, pass 10 stitches on left needle over this stitch and off the needle” that bit I can manage, just backgrounding
"cast on 3 stitches using backward loop" cool, but then it says knit the same stitch again. Repeat from * to last stitch and knit 1

do I knit the 3 new cast on stitches before i knit the same stitch again?? or slip them or by pass them or what???
if you’re out there Suzeeq I need you!!

I’d cast on the 3 stitches to the right needle, then knit the stitch again that’s on the left tip–the one you passed the stitches over.

thanks very much I’ll give that a try, of course I’m trying to see it in my head before i do it but i guess trying would be the best thing