What needles?

I wanted to get a set of interchangeable needles. So far I have preferred bamboo, but I don’t think they make a set of bamboo needles that are interchangeable.

While looking at online reviews I read that flexible needles can be helpful to those with arthritis. Is this generally correct? What are the more flexible types of needles?

I have read about the Harmony Wood circular needle set by Crafts Americana and also the Denise needle sets. There also seems that the Denise line has several different types of sets.

So, after all of that, I guess all I’m asking is “is there a set of interchangeable needles that you would suggest for a beginner knitter with arthritis?”


If you search thru these forums you’ll find a boatload of threads about the various interchangable sets. In fact, there is even a locked thread at the top right here about them.

It’s really hard to say which is best, they each have their own advantages. I have a set of the original grey Denise. I think all their sets are the same, they just make them in different colors now (a pink set and a rainbow set - I think that’s all they have). I like how the different size cables can be attached to each other. I was surpirsed to learn the KnitPick sets you can’t do that. But the KnitPick sets have much thinner cable.

Since you already know you prefer bamboo needles, perhaps the Harmony being wood would be closest.

I would think any set, as well as any circular needle in general, would an advantage for someone with arthritis.

Good luck in your search & decision process!

Fuuny you should ask-- I was just looking at these in my catalog last night!: http://www.patternworks.com/productdetail/300078.htm

They now make a addi interchangeable set. I think they are called Addi Clicks. Something like that. My lys had ordered them but they haven’t come in yet. Pricey, though… $149.

Have you tried the KnitPicks Options Harmony (wood) needles?

I just pre-ordered them from Dreamweaver Yarns!! :woot:

I’m with KnitPurlGurl Knit Picks has the Harmony set. But if your have your heart set on Bamboo I saw a set At Paradise Fibers. These are on the pricey end but Paradise Fibers is a GREAT company and they have wonderful customer service.

WOW - those ARE expensive for Bamboo… but I agree, Paradise Fibers is a really good company.

I love Addis for most knitting, but when my hands hurt from arthritis I invariable go for my Denise interchangeables.

They are made of a resin that feels warm and rather soft in the hands, and they have a little bit of give. It is very easy to click the needle ends into the cables – with other interchangeables you have to screw the small ends together, then tighten them with a little tool, and this can be painful to stiff fingers.

The Denise cables are a bit thick but they don’t kink. The only problem with the set is that it only goes down to size 5. So I still need other needles for knitting socks and lace.

All the Denise sets have the same components. The pink ones help promote breast cancer awareness. You can also buy extra parts, such as cables that you can connect to form very long circulars.