What needles would you suggest?

My birthday is coming shortly and my mom has asked for some ideas. I see so many types of needles and not sure what is better, what to look for etc. I have used, straight and circular Clover bamboo and one set of circular addi clicks. I am not really sure which I like better. Like the feel of the bamboo, but the addi clicks seem to be smoother. My mom is going to get me a selection of needles and some books. SO EXCITED!! Any suggestions on what to purchase? TIA… making a afgan now, my 5th project. After this i plan on moving to more challenging projects!

Ask mom to get you the full set of KnitPicks Harmonyneedles if her budget allows ($75)
If not, then go for the KnitPicks Zephyrs ($45)! You can’t go wrong with either set!

You’ll have almost every size needle and cable length you’ll ever need!

I got the KnitPicks Options recently and would highly recommend those.

Thats what I will do!! I absolutely love these forums and all the great information and help I have found on here!!

Knitpicks! -

Options if you like metal
Harmonys if you like wood
Zephyr if you like plastic

I love my Options!

Me, too! :thumbsup:

IMHO, KP Options “pushed” the interchangeable circs market to greatly improve itself! Voila! And now announcing the Addi Clicks. I think Addi would have sat on their b___ forever if KP Options hadn’t been pushing them! :teehee: