What needle size?

I am about to start knitting a scarf for a friend using 3-4 different yarns (at the same time). What are the guidelines to pick the needle size?

I guess that since it is a scarf it’s not critical, but I dont want to be too far off.

Thank you!

My answer would be that you will have to determine this yourself by what looks good. Depending on the weight of the original 3-4 yarns you might start out with something like a 11 or 13, or even a 15 (If your beginning yarns are sock weight, it could be smaller). Do a little section and evaluate it. Do you like the way it looks? Is it going to have the drape you were wanting? If you like it keep going, if not try a bigger (or smaller) size depending on what you are looking for as a result.

Merigold gave good advice! :thumbsup:

I made a big oblong thing last year, using a two bulky weight yarns held together.
I used a size 17 needle.

You’ll know if your needle is too small if the look of the work is similar to a placemat. :eyes: Thick and stiff.

I’d knit a test swatch…tear it down if you don’t like the look with that needle…do another…if you like that one…tear it down, too and begin your ‘real deal’!


Or you could start the swatch with the smallest of the needles you want to try, knit a few inches, then switch to a larger size, then a bigger size. That way you can compare them all at once instead of trying to remember what the others were like.

thank you for the tips ladies :slight_smile:

I will try a narrow swatch of a few different needle sizes… I wanted to find out if there were some basic rules, but I guess there is nothing like try and feel!