What needle should I use?

I just ordered the yarn to make the sock on the far right, but the pattern calls for 3mm dpns for a large. I looked on the conversion chart and there isn’t a US version of a 3mm. What should I use? I’d like to order Susan Bates Quicksilver dpns if possible.


You probably be okay with a US 2 or a US 3 since they are only .25 mm off the 3.00 mm measurement. Depends on how you knit - if you knit tight I’d go with the US 3, if you knit loose I’d go with the US 2.

Good luck!

how did i know that was the pattern you were looking at. i struggled with that one too…i have big feet though so i went up a size to what was closest to it.

I’d have to try a swatch with my chosen yarn and see what comes closest to the proper gauge. I rarely knit with the suggested needle size.