What needle lengths should I get?

I’m getting 6 addis from ebay (again). They have 16, 24 and 32 inches. Most of my needles are 24 inches. I’m thinking whether I should get the next ones in 16 or 32. I’m planning to make sweaters in the round, and I’m wondering if it’s possible if I could use 32 inch circs for magic loop for the sleeves, so I won’t have to buy the 16 inch ones. That way, I could use the 32 inches for socks too.

Or should I get the 16 inches anyway, because there are some things I can’t do with magic loop?

I’m not sure what you can’t do with magic loop. I find 32" to be a good general size.

Wow that was quick! Thanks Sue :slight_smile: I’m getting all of them in 32 inches then

That’s just me. I don’t do a lot of small diameter knitting - socks, hats - just sleeves. I think it depends on what you do a lot of, but yeah, about the only thing you need 16" is for socks or sleeves… up to a point, then you have to either use dpns or do a ML anyway.

Can I use magic loop for hats?

eventually, you’ll end up with a selection, and then, after that, you’ll find what works for you.

yes you can do hats with magic loop (and you can do hats with half magic loop on a 32 inch needle!)

its impossible to tell you what you need, what is best, because–there are so many choices, and everyone suits someone!

i have 50+ year old needles (circulars needles with metal cables, not nylon cords)
and i have needles less than a year old!

the interchangeable sets are worth while… they give you lots of choices, and can often be resold (or swapped) for something of if not equal, 90% value.

so look for a 50% off coupon, and buy a boye interchangeable set…
if you don’t like it, sell it and try a Denise set…
don’t like that? try the Knit Picks set…

one is bound to meet your needs (and budget!)

but, as the years go by, you’ll notice you have more and more needles–no matter what!
i, um, have, um, [I][B]over 20 size 8 needles[/B][/I]
[B]straights[/B], (both long and short/metal, bamboo, plastic) [B]DPN’s,[/B] (metal, bamboo, plastic)
[B]circ’s[/B], (metal)…

and the same goes for some other (but not every) sizes of needles! i never set out to have 20 needles the same size… but it happened!)

:noway: Having 20 needles of one size is amazing!

I wanted to have interchangeable needles, but the knitpick options don’t ship to Thailand :mad:. I read that addi turbos are good, so that’s why I ended up buying addis.

Ok, this might be a silly question, but I was wondering if .25 makes a huge difference in knitting. So for instance if I had 3.75 and 4.00mm needles - would that make a difference in the gauge? I’m a loose knitter by the way.