What my daughter wrote about me and knitting

School is out finally and my daughter who just finished 1st grade brought home her journals. Around Mother’s day they had to write about their moms. Here is what she wrote:

“What do you love about your mom? I love my mom, she is my mom. I love my mom because she loves me. I like my mom also because she [I]knits[/I] things for me. I like my mother because she gives me ice cream. I love my mom because she does nice things to help me.”

(punctuation and spelling corrected by me, italics are also mine)

Don’t I have a great kid??

That’s very sweet!

My mother would tell you about what I wrote about her once: “I love my mom because she lets me pick up my toys.” :teehee:

My daughter was once overheard telling a girl a year older than herself that the boy that had yelled at her was wrong, and NO ONE had the right to touch her body… then she asked the girl if the girl wanted my daughter to ask my daughters Mother to talk to him, because her mother was the scareyest person she knew

I took it as a HUGE compliment
me, a champion of both women and children


That is sooooooo cute:heart:

I wrote something like that when I was little, only I wrote “I love my skinny-fat momma”:shifty: (she was gaining and losing back then due to cervical cancer and I didnt under stand what was going on back then). She thought it was so cute that she’s kept it all these years and still shows people and laughs about.

That’s great. In a few years she may be writing “I hate my mom because she insists on knitting things for me” :rofling:

Awww, that’s so cute!

That’s really sweet. :hug:

Enjoy the compliments and keep it to refer to. She’ll be 15 one day, and you’ll need to remember that she loved you once. :cry:

Aww that is incredibly sweet!

That is so much nicer than the Mother’s Day card I made my mom in kindergarten. It said, “I love my mom because she has long boobies and smells like a kitty.”

I’m sure I thought that was the height of flattery. I can just imagine the teacher saying “Um, can you think of anything [I]else[/I]?” And me saying, “Nope! That’s perfect.”

Aww, how sweet! :heart:

My 4 year old told the car salesman, “My mommy has [I]lots[/I] of yarns!” :lol:

My daughter likes to go up to people and ask them if they would like me to knit something for them, because “my mom makes the best things!”:heart:.

She is really too cute for a three year old. Especially since I have been knitting for less than a year, and I definitely have a lot to learn!:lol: But as long as she likes what I make, I will keep doing making it for her.


That is so cute! I seriously laughed out loud at some of the responses people wrote about things they said about their moms, and things their kids have said about them. I can’t remember saying anything funny about my mom, but she reminds me about a card I wrote her once for her birthday. It had the usual “I love you, happy birthday” etc. in it, but I signed it with my first AND last names. As if she might confuse me with another Meghann. Hehe.


That is cute. I don’t even remember what ever I wrote about my Mom.

But I still have my son’s papers that he had to write about. ( he’s 27 now. )