What makes a better i-cord?

Hand knit or an old fashioned spool knitter? I want to make chinese knot buttons and dress up the edge of a knit pillow with i-cord.

Well, In my experience, they both turn out about the same, but for me the better one is quicker. LOL

: )

Which one is quicker?

Hand knit is quicker.

Thank you Denise :). I will give it a try this evening. How many cast on stitches do you tend to use for an i-cord?

It depends on how thick you want it. I tend to cast on 3-4 stitches for most of my i cords. I did make a hugely thick on once that was 8 stitches but that was what the pattern called for.

Thank you Holly that really helps. I had no sense of how thick an i-cord would be based on the number of stitches.

Hand knit is most definataly faster than spool… however if you have a machine I cord knitter (you can get them for around $20 at hobby lobby and the such) that is even faster.


I judge how many to cast on based upon the thickness of yarn I’m using and how rigid I want the cord to be. It usually works out to be 3-6 stitches.