What knitted item do you use the most?

Apart from socks and dishcloths, what have you knitted recently or in the past that you have had the most use out of.
For me it is a classic plain V neck jumper,
and close second, a Lapghan.

My aran afghan. It’s used almost every evening.

Aw jeez, I was gonna say socks. I’m in the process of making a lapghan like Ingy made though. And I think I will use it everyday in winter. Hows that?

my scarves… as soon as it gets the least bit chilly i pull the scarves out and wear them like crazy. i have a silly hat that i made for when it is really cold too. it was knit big enough that it doesn’t do HORRIBLE things to my hair (though i don’t get too worried about that most of the time) and it looks silly enough that it makes me giggle to wear it. :teehee:

I used to not wear scarves. Then I knit one and realized how much of a difference it made. Now I wear one all day in the winter since the building where I work is chilly and having my neck covered is heavenly.

I also wear my sweaters all winter.

I made thesefingerless gloves last year and wore them a lot… and the Calorimetryfrom knitty…I also made Danica in Paton’s sws and that is my favorite scarf…

In the summer- a light afghan I made a few years back. In the winter-all my sweaters, heavy afghans, wool socks, and scarves. But the thing I use most in the colder months is a felted coat I did 3 years ago. I [B]love[/B] that thing, it’s so warm.

my FT clogs and several spiral lace hats.

I keep several of my sleeveless cotton sweaters on frequent rotation throughout the year. And after I made the New York Jacket from Vogue Knitting (it is a pattern from 2 years ago), I wear that as soon as it is chilly enough out to wear. All of my afghans (which are mainly crocheted) are used frequently; whether it is cold outside or if my husband cranks up the air conditioning.

I really want to make Danica from knitty.com, but I have too many projects lined up right now.


The only thing I have knit for myself is socks, so that’s what I use. Everything else I’ve made has been given away. Well, except for the ONE cotton sweater I finished. I wear that all the time in the Spring and Summer.

It’s defintely my purple shawl that I wear at work, because like a lot of offices in the summer, it’s actually colder than it is during the winter. I always get compliments on it, too. It was fun to knit and so, I am planning on doing a couple more!

honestly, I use my socks the most, but other than that it’s my Starsky sweater and my Clapotis.

With warm weather here, I forgot about clogs! I live in them for months. In fact, I have to knit my third pair since I wore through my first two.

For me – my Lucy Bag. I hadn’t carried a purse in over 15 years until I made it. I just :heart: that bag!

For my girls – their merino earflap hats. They’ve worn them constantly during the last two looong winters, and I get comments on their hats everywhere we go. :slight_smile:

I use my Scarves and knitted caps the most… :):cheering:

:cheering:[B] I LOVE my neck cozies in the winter…i wear them inside instead of a turtleneck…here in vermont it does get chilly even in the house…so far not sore throats andyway…lol[/B]

I’ve not knitted much yet. I suppose the item in most use at the moment is the cover I knitted for our SatNav.

My cat uses the little wool blanket I made for him the most. :teehee:

My FT clogs hands down. I live in them during the winter.

my bags/ purses (I’m a bag junkie). I also made some pretty coasters for my desk that I use every day. then I have the shawl my Mom knit for me that I wear a lot. I have some cup cozies in frequent rotation. Some for coffee, some for cold glasses of tea.