What kind of yarn would you suggest?

I’m fairly new to knitting, and can do the basic knit and purl stitches. I found a sweater pattern that looks really easy, but I can’t figure out what kind of yarn to buy for it. I generally buy my yarn from Lion Brand. What kind of yarn would you suggest I use for this sweater, and can it be purchased online somewhere?

Thanks so much for any help or suggestions. :muah:


If you’re wanting a lightweight sweater, LB’s CottonEase is nice to use, but that’s worsted and may be too loose if you use size 11s. You could do it on 10.5s and make a larger size. The Zen yarn is a ribbon type, so there’s Lion Incredible which might work up the same gauge.

The yarn recommended for that sweater is Berroco Zen, which is described on this webpage: http://www.berroco.com/shade_cards/zencolors_sh.html

It looks like a ribbon yarn to me. Do you have a local yarn store where you could look at the yarn? You could either buy that yarn, or you could try to find a similar yarn somewhere else. The design always turns out best if you use the recommended yarn. But, if you can’t do that, at least you’ll know what the yarn looks like, so you can make a decent match.

You could also try finding a yarn that knits to the same gauge, which is the following, using a size 9 needle:
[LEFT][SIZE=-2]4.75 sts = 1"[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]19 sts & 23 rows = 4"[/SIZE][/LEFT]

So that means, the yarn knits 19 stitches for every 4 inches.

If you want to find a Lion Brand yarn with that gauge, just look at this page on their website for yarn substitutions.
Look at the description of each yarn, and try to find one that knits 19 stitches for every 4 inches. (Looks to me like that is a medium weight yarn.)

This page shows all of Lion Brand’s medium weight yarns:

Thanks! I’m really not crazy about the ribbon-type yarn, I’d rather have something softer. I will look into the yarns you suggested.

We posted at the same time Shandeh, thanks so much for the help!

Oh, and the closest yarn store to me is a good half hour away, that’s why I generally buy yarn online.

I thought the Zen was a bulkier yarn, but sounds like it’s worsted. I think it’s also been discontinued, but you didn’t necessarily want ribbon anyway. So yes, just about any worsted weight would do.

with that size needle and that guage I would suggest a bulky wht yarn.

Thank you!

So I’m guessing that most everyone goes to a yarn store to buy their yarn? Other than worsted weight, I still haven’t gotten many specifics as far as recommendations/brands. Maybe I didn’t word my question properly, I was looking for specific brands. I am a new knitter, but I should have worded it better.

I wish I was closer to a yarn store so I could feel the different yarns for myself. I am basically just guessing as to what is a nice, soft yarn for the sweater pattern.

I just wanted to say that I don’t often get to a yarn store, but I have gone a couple of times just to feel the yarn and get an idea of what it’s like, so that when I see a certain yarn for a project, I can guess at a good substitution. I have only done small projects where specific yarn isn’t crucial, but I do take time to look at gauge and see if what i have is similar to what the pattern calls for.

I’ve asked around a bit, and it seems that it’s sort of a hard thing to get someone to tell you, but more something you have to sort of figure out for yourself.

Some websites have substitution guides. For instance, I bought a bunch of Bernat yarn on sale…their site lets you enter gauge or other details of a yarn, and tells you which of their yarns would work. I think other sites might have something similar.

No, I’ve bought very little yarn at a yarn store. Most of it is from craft or fabric stores or walmart. I found some very good yarn at the thrift store last summer, and I’ve bought some from the internet. You want a heavy worsted or bulky, and I suppose wool or a blend, or cotton? We’re not really sure what you’ve got in mind so it’s harder to recommend specifics I guess. Cruise through knitpick’s site and see what you like. For softness, you want a merino or maybe alpaca or silk blend.

I’d suggest traveling to the nearest LYS and buyin 20 skeins of the best yarn they have in a nice earthtone colorway, mailing it all to me, and then doing your sweater in whatever yarn ya think will work for ya. :mrgreen:

Seriously, it’s a personal choice. Find a yarn that feels nice and comfy to you that you would enjoy both working with and wearing.

If you look at the last link I mentioned earlier, you’ll see a page full of worsted weight yarns by Lion Brand. I think that some of those would work well for that project.
Here’s the link again:

Thanks, everyone!

Yes Shandeh, I did see your link, but was wondering what other brands besides Lion might work. I just wanted as many options as possible before choosing. Other than Lion Brand and yarn stores, I am not sure where to shop for quality yarns. I am considering Lion Brand’s cashmere yarn, I just need to check the price.

Thank you Lisa, I will check out Bernat.

Thank you also SuzeeQ, I will have a look at knitpick, too. I don’t think I’ve heard of them.

Knitting_guy you are too funny! :wink:

I also looked at some yarn on the Mmmmmm thread, malabrigo was it? It looked so beautiful, but I think that would be too expensive.

Thanks again everyone!

So much depends on what you want and your budget, too. I went my LYS and found some really yummy sock yarn for $18/ball. Honestly, I can’t justify $18 for a pair of socks (and would I need 2 balls???), even though I know lots of folks would spend more. So I headed over to Knitpicks and got some nice yarn (Palette, I think) for $1.99/ball. That, I can justify. And I won’t be so scared when I get those socks started next week.

In spite of all the oohing and aaahing over the cool yarns, I still do most of my yarn shopping at Michael’s and JoAnn’s…they have nice stuff that I can afford. But that means a I spend a lot of time looking at patterns and trying to figure out what M or J have that I can substitute.

Much depends on whether you feel you need the “very best” or whether you can get what you can afford and just enjoy your knitting at your own level. :slight_smile:

Michael’s and JoAnn’s are also a half hour from me, and I didn’t even realize they sold yarn. I’ll have to check them one day when I am in that region.

I checked out knitpicks, what awesome prices they have!! I really like the look of the yarn, too. I am considering their “Swish Superwash” yarn, only 3.29 a ball. I can’t thank you guys enough for the advice, if I hadn’t asked I wouldn’t have known about knitpicks. :woot:

I’m so glad you found some other options! :hug:

Lisa, if the ball has 100 grams of yarn, it will be enough for a pair. If the ball is 50 grams, you’ll need two skeins. I love to buy nice sock yarn, because making socks is a project I can actually afford to make with NICE yarn.

I can’t afford to buy enough nice yarn for a sweater. :frowning: