What kind of yarn is this?

Today I went to a thrift store today and I bought ALOT of yarn. There was one that looked like mohair, but was way softer. Does anyone have a clue what it is?

Got a picture?

I’ll post it tommorow.

Sometimes I go the thrift store route and wonder about the type. I’ve knit with some 100% acrylics that looked fuzzy like that. If you’re wondering if it’s an acrylic or wool, there’s a simple test. Cut a one inch piece of the yarn from the end. Soak it in hot water. Rub it back and forth in your hands (like you’re warming your hands up in the cold winter) for a few minutes. See if it starts to shrink or felt. If it does, it’s wool. Any garments made from that skein should be hand washed.

Superwash or acrylics would be good for gifts (especially for kids or babies) in case someone throws garments in the washer and doesn’t hand dry. When we’re busy, we don’t always remember washing instructions. I like wool, especially mittens, because they’re warmer and stay warm when wet.

Keep in mind that felting projects require 100% wool and not wool blends or Superwash wool. Superwash doesn’t felt at all, and blends only shrink partially. They won’t give you the proper sizing for the project. However, this is a quick way to give you some idea of what you’ve got.

another tip about wool yarn–it dissolves in bleach. linknit441

And when burned with a match wool smells a lot like burning hair… as would any natural fiber other than cotton or silk. (Since they basically are the hair of the animal they came from.) Where as acrylic melts.